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Our Family

Designed to Replicate Authentic Cooking 
Found in a Traditional Mexican Hacienda

     El Palenque was founded in 1987 by the three Serna Brothers. Raised on the hard work of immigrant crop pickers from Mexico, the brothers knew the value of hard work, strong ambition, and above all sticking together would help them fulfil their dreams of opening their own restaurant. That dream came true when their first location was established in Spring, TX in 1987 to be followed by 2 more locations.

     Several core recipe’s passed down to them by their mother and has grown over the years to cater to the high demand of the Houston Tex-Mex Market. As pioneers in Houston’s Full Service Mexican Casual Dining Restaurant segment for over 30 years, El Palenque has built their brand around top-quality food, excellence in service, and a family business culture. Over the years, the El Palenque mission has stayed true to those core values by striving for excellence in details, finding innovative growth, and maintaining the Serna Brother’s “Family First” business dream.

    Stop by any time for a party in progress, at one of our three lively locations.

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